Our whole appearance is enhanced by natural-looking, pearly-white teeth, though it is important not to forget that they also have an important practical role to fulfil.

The internationally accredited dental specialist Dr. Robert Strohkendl MSc considers both factors to be of fundamental importance in his work:

“Cosmetic dentistry isn’t simply a matter of fitting ceramic caps and bleaching stained teeth, it draws on the combined professional expertise, dexterity and artistic vision of a whole team of experts.” Dr. Robert Strohkendl MSc, a member of numerous professional associations and joint founder and board member of the German Society for Aesthetic & Reconstructive Dentistry, puts this philosophy into practice each and every day.

Cosmetic appearance and practical function are inextricably linked in modern dentistry.

Of course before treatment actually begins, thorough preparations have to be made, namely examination, diagnosis, analysis and planning. Throughout the process the focus always remains on the patient: their requirements and expectations are of paramount importance to Dr. Strohkendl MSc.


To accurately assess a patient’s condition, analyse the results and undertake the appropriate treatment, good dentists must possess a solid professional knowledge and keep up-to-date with the latest in their specialist field. Their work can be compared to that of an architect designing a building. Only when all the plans have been compiled, modelled and verified construction can actually commence, and for a project to be successful, the finest materials, the latest technology and the highest levels of precision are required.